Change Your Life with the Power of Your Words

Hosted by Liz Hernandez


You're in the right place if...


You are ready to change your life for the better by showing up for yourself in a positive way

You are stuck in your own negative thinking and not sure how to get out of it

You want to treat yourself with love, kindness and compassion

You want to practice gratitude, forgiveness and self-love on a daily basis

You want to feel empowered, encouraged and have the support of a community

Here's what the community is already saying about WORDAFUL 

I can truly say it’s changed my’s helped me become more transparent with myself and my feelings...become a better version of myself

~ Jasmin Salazar

What has really helped me were the online events...during the beginning of this pandemic. I was having so much anxiety and helped me process and continue forward. WORDAFUL has helped me get through each day and...words have become truly so powerful in my life. 

~ Margaret Taosoga

WORDAFUL has helped me continue to grow, to look at the positives in life, not let negative energy get to me...Thank you Liz, for putting out such a beautiful message of hope and love...using your platform for so much good is commendable and I honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~ Claudia Gil

Hi, I'm Liz

My name is Liz Hernandez, creator of WORDAFUL, a new form of storytelling that I hope will encourage and connect you to the power of words. You can create a new reality for yourself by changing your self-talk, one that supports a more meaningful life. Your thoughts and words from yesterday make up your life today. 

WORDAFUL is an online video and live event series that focuses on the importance of how we communicate with others, talk to ourselves and the power behind our words.